Corghi Artiglio Master Code

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Touchless Tire Changer comes with helper arm & wheel lift. Can handle wheel assemblies from 13"-32" up to 47" tire diameter.



  • Wheel Data Self-acquisition.
  • Smart Corghi Touchless System.
  • Dual Bead Breaker with Controlled Penetration.
  • Automatic Direct Lubrication.
  • Inflatron Electronic Inflator.
  • Bead Depressor.
  • Video Camera with Image Recallable From Screen at any Time During Work.
  • Fully Articulated Wheel Lift.



Tire diameter 47 inch
Tire width 16 inch
Wheel weight, max. 165 lbs
Motor output 0.98 kW
Measuring time 15 s
Weight approx. 1300 lbs
Power supply 230V, 1PH, 50/60Hz V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 98" X 65" X 73" inch
Rim width 15" inch
Rim diameter 13"-32" inch
Color Black



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