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Hioki DC resistance meters measure a broad range of resistance values at a high level of precision. The RM3548 is a high-precision, portable resistance meter capable of measuring resistance levels from microohms to megaohms, and is intended primarily for use in testing and maintenance of large equipment, for example, measuring the winding and weld resistances in large motors. The L2107, z2002 are bundled with the RM3548.



  • 0.02 % basic accuracy, 0.1 μΩ max. resolution, 1 A max. testing current, 1A max. testing current.
  • Measure from 0.0 µΩ (testing current 1 A) to 3.5 MΩ.
  • Easily record up to 1,000 data points in memory simply by applying the instrument’s probes.
  • Smoothly capture temperature-rise test data using interval measurement.
  • Portable design is ideal for maintenance and testing of large equipment.



785-9453 Four Terminal Lead $230.00 Add to cart
785-9454 Zero Adjustment Board $94.00 Add to cart
785-9465-10 Pin Type Lead $468.00 Add to cart
785-9465-90 Tip Pin (to replace the tip on 9465-10) $151.00 Add to cart
785-9772 Pin Type Lead $500.00 Add to cart
785-9772-90 Tip Pin (to replace the tip on 9772) $95.00 Add to cart
785-C1006 Carrying Case $361.00 Add to cart
785-L2105 LED Compartment Attachment $164.00 Add to cart



785-L2020 Pin Type Lead L2020 $334.00 Add to cart
785-L2107 Clip Type Leads $266.00 Add to cart
785-Z2002 Temperature Sensor $146.00 Add to cart