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National Cheeseburger Day!


Today, September 18th is National Cheeseburger Day! Here is story of the origin of the Cheeseburger …

Cheeseburger Fun Facts: There are several theories about the origins of the cheeseburger. One story claims that the cheeseburger was created between 1924 and 1926 by a chef named Lionel Sternberger. As the story goes, a homeless man dining at Sternberger’s restaurant in Pasadena, California, suggested the addition of a slice of cheese to his hamburger order. Sternberger complied, eventually added it to his menu, and the rest is history.


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Patriot Day


In the United States, Patriot Day, observed as the National Day of Service and Remembrance, occurs on September 11 of each year in memory of the 2,977 people killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Embedded in the memories of everyone who lived through it, this was the day four jet planes were hijacked and crashed into the New York World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, causing the deaths of 2,977 people. The fourth plane (United Airlines Flight 93) was directed at Washington DC, but its passengers bravely attempted to take back control and it crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Each year on this day, American flags are flown at half-staff to honor and commemorate those lives lost.

“We will Never Forget”

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2018 NFL Season Starts Today!


The 2018 NFL season will be the 99th season of the National Football League (NFL). The season is set to begin on September 6, 2018 with the NFL Kickoff Game with the defending Super Bowl LII champion Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Atlanta Falcons. Fall is officially here with the start of NFL Football!

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Happy Labor Day!


Labor Day is celebrated annually the first Monday in September.

From the Department of Labor, website, Labor Day “is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

However, everybody knows that Labor Day is the unofficial last weekend of summer. This gives us all one more opportunity to throw a barbecue party and get those last summer activities before the start of fall.

Did You Know?

  • Oregon was the first state to celebrate Labor Day as a legal holiday in 1887.
  • The decision to make Labor Day the first Monday of September was approved on June 28, 1894.
  • Americans worked 12-hour days seven days a week during the 19th century!
  • The Adamson Act was passed on September 3, 1916 to establish an eight-hour work day.

National Eat Outside Day!


Today is August 31st and summer is coming to a close. Take an opportunity at work, home or both and get outside and eat.

  • Plan a picnic pot-luck lunch to enjoy with coworkers.
  • Grill outside at home or take a portable grill to work and cook in the parking lot.
  • If you usually eat lunch inside at work, just step outside and enjoy it outside!

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Use Pulse™ Fluid Management to take full control of your bulk fluids. By knowing what type and how much fluid is used, where it goes, when it’s dispensed, and ultimately, who’s performing the work, general managers, service managers, parts managers and others can make more informed decisions to simplify operations, capture previously lost or unassigned costs and uncover hidden profits. 


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World Mosquito Day


World Mosquito Day, observed annually on 20 August, is a commemoration of British doctor Sir Ronald Ross’s discovery in 1897 that female mosquitoes transmit malaria between humans. Ross is responsible for the annual observance, having declared shortly after his discovery that the day should be known as World Mosquito Day in the future.

Here are a couple easy ways to help keep mosquitoes away:

  • Get Rid of Stagnant Water — Make sure there’s no standing water anywhere; on toys left out on the lawn, plates under your flowerpots or garbage in an open can. Ponds, kiddie pools and improperly drained yards can also attract mosquitoes. “Something as small as a bottle cap can be a breeding spot for mosquitoes,” says Jim Fredericks, Ph.D., chief entomologist for the National Pest Management Association. “The good thing is that they can’t fly very far, so if you can eliminate breeding spots on your property, you can greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes near your house.”


  • Plant Herbs & Flowers That Repel Mosquitoes — Surround your outdoor living space with plants that mosquitoes don’t like. Not only will the plants add aesthetic value to your landscape, but they will also do double duty as a natural defense screen. Here are some top choices: Rosemary –This plant contains aromatic essential oils that mosquitoes detest. Lavender – Lavender is another highly aromatic herb that mosquitoes are not fond of. Basil – Cinnamon basil, lemon basil and Peruvian basil work best to keep mosquitoes at bay.


Tire Bead Seating – Productivity and Safety to Get the Job Done Right Every Time!


Tire Bead Seater

  • Use when a tire, new or used, is mounted on a wheel and the tire bead does not touch both sides of the wheel, making inflation possible.
  • The air trigger on this tool expels a tremendous burst of air that inflates the tire to seat it to the wheel rim. This allows the tire to be inflated to the recommended pressure through the tire valve.

What Do You Call a Bear with No Teeth?


… A Gummy Bear.

National Tell a Joke Day is celebrated annually August 16th.

This day is easy to participate in, just tell a joke. You can do it in person, or pass along a few humorous emails. The more jokes you tell, the more fun this day will be.

I’ll start … thanks to

Daughter: “Mom, can I get a cat or a dog at Christmas, please?“
Mom: "No honey, you will be getting turkey, like every Christmas!“

If you spent your day in a well, can you say your day was well-spent?

Why did the balloon go near the needle?
-He wanted to be a pop star.

National Lazy Day


Today, August 10th is National Lazy Day.

It is a great day to do a lot of nothing. Most of us till have to go to work, but even if you subtract 8 hours from the day you still have 16 hours to do absolutely nothing. Here are five suggestions:

  1. No cooking — order out and have food delivered.
  2. Take a nap.
  3. Binge watch a TV show you need to catch up on.
  4. Unplug from your electronics — avoid social media, don’t answer texts and avoid phone calls.
  5. Skip the gym.

It’s National Lazy Day, accomplish all the above and you don’t even have to apologize!