Intellamatic Smart Wheel Charger With Power Supply

USD $699.00

Associated Equipment Corp.
Made In The USA

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12V, 40/45 Amp Intellamatic Smart Charger with 45A Clean Power Supply. Safely charges all battery types including AGM. 45 Amp Clean power supply at 13.7 volts for extended service procedures such as vehicle re-flash or drivability diagnostics. Dead Battery Override Button to start dead batteries, 130A Boost Assist. Indoor/Outdoor Rated; 3-Year Warranty.



  • Intellamatic Smart Charger Safe for All Battery Types Including AGM.
  • 45 Amp Built-in Clean Power at 13.7 Volts for Extended Service Procedures or Re-Flashing.
  • Dead Battery Override Button to Start Really dead Batteries.
  • 130 Amp Boost Assist.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Rated.
  • 40 Amp Charger Output.



Weight approx. 47 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 17 x 16 x 30 inch
Power supply 110 / 12 V/Hz/A