Microprocessor Bench Charger

USD $416.00

Associated Equipment Corp.
Made In The USA

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12 Volt 20 Peak Amp Intellamatic Bench Charger for all battery types including AGM, Gel-Cell, Valve Regulated, and Flooded. Also has ESS Electrical System Stabilization. Holds battery at 13.7V During extended service procedures such as drivibility diagnostics or Vehicle Re-Flash.



  • Intellamatic Charger, Charges All Battery Types Including AGM & Gel-Cell
  • Auto Charge Rates based on Battery Type. Will Not Dammage Batteries
  • Electronic System Stabilization Setting For Holding Battery at 13.7 V For Service or Re-Flash
  • Deep Discharge Battery Recovery for Flooded Batteries
  • 20/25A
  • 25A Clean Power Supply.



Power supply 110 Volt / 15 Amp V/Hz/A
Weight approx. 21 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 14 x 12 x 12 inch