Rainbow Activator 2000 Series II Dual Auto

USD $707.00

Queenaire Technologies, Inc.

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Product Details Introducing the new Rainbowair 5600 Series II Dual Auto. Now twice as much airflow, up to 2 grams of ozone and the power to deodorize two different areas at the same time. This powerful unit comes with two flanges, two hoses and sealant foam so that you can split the deodorizing job into two areas. Perfect for deodorizing two vehicles at the same time. Features common to all units: 5 year warranty on parts and labor (6 months on generator plates). IMPORTANT: OZONE IN HIGH LEVELS IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR OCCUPIED AREAS. IF YOU ARE UNSURE AS TO WHICH OZONE UNIT IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOUR APPLICATION PLEASE CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE AT 1-877-646-9663.



  • Now twice as much airflow with up to 2 grams of Ozone
  • The power and ability to split up the deodorizing jobs into two areas.
  • Deodorize two vehicles at the same time to save time and $$$



Dimensions (L x W x H) 15 x 15 x 12 (Box 29 x 17 x 15) inch
Power supply 110/volt V/Hz/A
Weight approx. 33 lbs



188-RAKIT56 6 Month Maintnenance Kit for the 5600-II $162.00 Add to cart