Car Wash and Detail Systems

Auto Butler Automatic Car Polisher

USD $50,357.00

Broadway Equipment

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The best customer retention program on the market. This automatic car polisher produces a consistent high-quality polish on each vehicle. With the Automatic Car Polisher and implementation of the Auto Butler customer-retention program, your dealership can generate extra revenue and build long-term, satisfying customer relationships.



  • One operator can turn out over 25 perfectly polished vehicles per day without streaks, swirls or burn marks.
  • The Auto Butler customer-retention program keeps your customers coming back every six months for the next five years, giving you an unprecedented opportunity to increase sales and service.
  • Your customers will love the way their car keeps its shine, and happy customers translate to a positive Customer Service Index (CSI).
  • Use the Automatic Car Polisher to maintain your new and used inventory so the cars on your lot always look shiny and new.
  • One bay of space adds a whole new profit center for your dealership.



Power supply 208/230 or 460, 3-phase V/Hz/A