MLD 110 US Headlight Tester

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Daimler Germany has conducted tests of analogue system for all types of headlights and light sources – including LED. As headlight technology has evolved the newest LED systems require specialized color filters to determine the exact cut-off line of LED headlights. Additionally, the system requirement includes the use of guide rails for the optical lens. Permanently mounted to the service bay, either raised and exposed or flush mount, and a true level garage floor surface so the vehicle angles are minimized, this ensures the alignment can be performed without error. All angles of the equipment and vehicle are calculated and must be exact.

Essential equipment. Required for proper alignment of LED headlamps and Halogen headlights.



  • Light Intensity: Candela (A unit of measurement).
  • Illumination: 0 - 240 Lux/25.
  • Operating Temperature: +41°F - +113°F (+ 5°C – + 45 °C).
  • Measuring Height (optical center above ground): 9.45 –59.05 in. (240 - 1,500 mm).
  • Orientation: Direction of travel (right or left): dipped beam + 300 mm; - 300 mm (+ 3.0%; - 3.0%).
  • Orientation: Direction of travel (right or left): full beam + 50 mm; - 300 mm (+ 0.5%; - 3.0%).



16-1692105080 REQUIRED: LTB 100 Rail Kit 3M Standard Rail Kit $350.00 Add to cart
16-1692105112 REQUIRED: LTB 100 Rail Kit Ext 1.5M Extension $330.00 Add to cart