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Vacutec Smart Pressure Diagnostic Smoke Machine

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CPS Automotive - UView, MotorVac, CPS
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Vacutec Smart Pressure technology produces the densest visible smoke vapor over the Tester s entire operating pressure range. Smart Pressure technology software prevents thinning of smoke density that occurs when conventional units are set at high pressure. A denser smoke vapor means it's easier to see at leak points. And setting the test pressure is fully automated; it could not be simpler. At high pressure, the smoke vapor escaping a leak can be very difficult to see with a conventional smoke machine. However, this Smart Pressure leak detector contains UltraTraceUV smoke-producing solution which is an essential feature for high pressure leak testing. The vaporized UltraTraceUV solution deposits a trace dye at the exact location of the leak(s). You simply cannot find all high pressure leaks without it! Applications Designed for turbocharged vehicles: Tests entire turbo system Tests virtually all pressure systems (Do not use on EVAP System)



  • Contaminant-free UltraTraceUV dye solution marks leak spot: essential for high pressure testing.
  • Easy Digital Pressure Setting: no need to fumble with analog regulator.
  • Smart Pressure technology: automatically delivers densest smoke vapor, regardless of pressure setting.
  • Selection Modes: digital display shows pressure in PSI/bar and flow in Liters Per Minute (LPM).
  • Quantifies Leak with Flow Rate; pressure-decay for repair verification, regardless of pressure setting.
  • Flexible Gas Source: use with workshop air or any inert gas.
  • Self-Calibrating.
  • Flow Rate: 0 � 20 LPM.
  • Output Pressure: 1 � 43.5 PSI (69 mbar � 3 bar).



399-WVA-091 Intake Adapter Set: 35-105mm in 5mm increments $314.00 Add to cart



399-WV0712UV UltraTraceUV® Smoke Compound $53.00 Add to cart