POL Sorb® - Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant Absorbent, 25 gallon Spill Response Kit

USD $295.00

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POL Sorb® can be used to absorb all petroleum, oils and lubricants. POL Sorb® is an all-natural, USDA Bio-Preferred 100% organic, non-toxic, lab proven industrial absorbent. It is economical, efficient, non-abrasive, and non-leaching. POL Sorb® provides superior absorbent solutions. The inherent capillary action of the activated peat provides a powerful wicking that absorbs and encapsulates oil, ATF, gasoline, diesel and solvents on contact.



  • The kit contains: (7) 18” x 18” pillows, (1) 4” x 8’ socks, (2) 4” x 4’ socks, (1) ¾ cu. Ft. bag of POL Sorb, (2) protective suits, (2) pr. Nitrile Gloves, (2) pr. Safety goggles, (3) waste disposal bags.
  • Highly Absorbent – the kit absorbs 29 gallons of petroleum/oil.
  • Eliminates Secondary Contamination - does not release liquids absorbed.
  • Reduces Waste - cost effective solution to oil spills.
  • Meets EPA & OSHA & ANSI Standards.
  • Will not leach - passes TCLP test.
  • Leaves no oily sheen or residue.
  • Unlike clay products, P.O.L. Sorb® contains NO carcinogens.
  • Because P.O.L. Sorb® encapsulates the liquid it may be safe to dispose in your local landfill. We recommend checking with your landfill on their classifications and requirements.