Maverck, Premium Tire Changer, Variable Hydraulic, Capable, Center Clamp, Leverless Toolhead

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Hunter Engineering Company
Made In The USA

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Premium Tire Changer – Variable Hydraulic, 10- 34"" Capable, Center Clamp, Leverless Toolhead, 208-230V, 20A, 1 phase, red.



  • Groundbreaking Responsive Controls, Fine control or fast on-demand, - Hydraulic precision easier than air controls, Ergonomic for all day use, Excellent tactile feedback, one-finger control for all functions.
  • Articulating Leverless System, All tools automatically sync to rim diameter, Rim diameter retained for maximum efficiency of wheel sets.
  • Intelligent Safety and Productivity, Monitors roller and hook positions, Prevents unintended wheel contact, Logic automatically “homes” rollers, head, and wheel lift for hands-free productivity, Smart software: customize travel and rotate speeds, ramp ra
  • InflationStation, Inflates at the press of a button, Allows operator to walk away, while filling, 33% faster than standard inflation systems
  • Variable Speed Rotation, 0-17 RPM for fast cycle times, Fully variable reverse rotation for maximum control.
  • SmartSet™ Leverless Head, Demounting hook deploys to catch and lift bead, Mount head works with clad, raised spoke, and other unique wheel designs, No risk of lever damage to operator or rim SmartSet™ indicator notch shows proper set height
  • Control console is built around the technician, Intuitive layout allows full focus on the tire, Padded wrist rest prevents fatigue, Ample, accessible storage for tools, kits, and accessories.
  • RollerLock Clamp, Ball bearing threads clamp quickly and tightly, Lever handles multiply clamping force, Smooth shaft reduces center bore damage risk
  • Double-duty bead press Plenty of power for tough applications,Bead ledge allows pusher to be used as a lifting device.



Tire diameter 50 inch
Weight approx. 1211 lbs
Rim width 19 inch
Color RED
Power supply 208-230V, 1 phase, 60Hz, 14A, NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 53x77x57 inch



1-TCMBLK Maverick, Premium Tire Change Black Login for special pricing Add to cart
1-TCMW MMaverick, Premium Tire Change, with Wheel Lift, Red Login for special pricing Add to cart
1-TCMWBLK Maverick, Premium Tire Change, with Wheel Lift Black Login for special pricing Add to cart



1-20-3884-1 TCM Maverick tire changer wheel lift kit. Only compatible with TCM tire changer Login for special pricing Add to cart
1-20-3914-1 TCM HunterNet 2 upgrade module. Only Compatible with TCM tire changers. Login for special pricing Add to cart