45 HP High Output Car Dryer

USD $16,654.00

Broadway Equipment

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Multiple dryer configurations are offered for both regular and unique applications. The aluminum fans reach operating speeds almost immediately, reducing costly electrical surges. The close-to-vehicle air deployment will provide maximum drying efficiency. The aluminum and/or hot dipped galvanized frames provide durability in the harsh car wash environment and require no maintenance.



  • Touch-free dryer. Driest car possible in all climates.
  • Three 15hp motors.
  • Noise reduction systems available for 30 and 20 hp dryers to drop DBs down.
  • VPD Panel Upgrade reduces electrical usage and provides noise control.
  • Local municipality rebates available.



89-B20 20-hp Single Leg System with two 10hp motors. 208/230 or 480 V, 60A, 3-phase. Perfect for warm climates. $10,414.00 Add to cart
89-B30 30-hp Double Leg System with side motors and side wind socks. Uses four 7.5hp motors. 208/230 or 480 V, 100A, 3-phase. $16,654.00 Add to cart



89-B20-1 Electric Starter Panel for 20-hp System $2,635.00 Add to cart
89-B30-1 Electric Starter Panel for 30-hp System $4,130.00 Add to cart
89-B45-1 Electric Starter Panel for 45-hp System $4,130.00 Add to cart