14,000 lb. Mobile Column Lifts (set of 4)

USD $39,250.00


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14,000 lbs. capacity (per column) Mobile column lift - Battery powered, wireless, adjustable carriage assembly accommodates wheel diameters from 5 in. to 24.5 in. (set of 4)



  • Hydraulic operated units provide 56,000 lb. lifting capacity, enabling lifting of small passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks, transit, and municipality vehicles
  • 110 volt built-in multistage charging system
  • Adjustable wheel carriage fits a range of wheel sizes
  • Integrated 10" touch screen control console
  • Precise balanced design, heavy-duty tow handle and spring loaded wheels
  • Operates with 12 volt deep cycle batteries to eliminate the need for power source hook-ups and provide 24 volt operation
  • Meets stringent ALI Gold Label standards



67-CLHM-10-TH 20,000 lb. Short Support stands (Set of 2) (20 - 32 in. adjustable height, 1 in. adjustment increments) $864.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-10-THF 20,000 lb. Medium Support stands (Set of 2) (30 - 52 in. adjustable height, 1 in. adjustment increments) $1,186.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-10-THR Mobile High Stand, 20,000 lbs. capacity (each) $1,423.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-CA-15 Heavy-Duty Cab Off Adapter (For use with mobile column lift models) $2,194.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-CB-32A 32,000 lb. Crossbeam Adapter (Lifts by frame rails) (1 kit per pair of mobile columns) $2,948.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-ELA-90A 9,000 lb. End Lift Adapter (Support vehicle from front and rear) (1 pair) *Designed specifically for Humvee lifting. $2,490.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-FLA 15,000 lb. Fork Lift Adapter (Raises fork lifts 64 in.) $5,798.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-HR-300 300 lb. Air/Hydraulic Clutch Jack with 360° rotating head (80.5 in. maximum lift height) $2,274.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-HTCJ-2000 2,200 lb. Transmission Jack with 360° rotating head with fore & aft tilt (30 in. start height, 72 in. maximum lift height, first stage power: 100% air, second stage power: air/hydraulic) $8,618.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-LS-LK Light Kit (2 lights per kit) (For use with mobile column lifts) $419.00 Add to cart